Over the years our evening classes have given rise to a lively community of harpers, including practice groups, ensembles and pub harpists.

Our courses are now taught by Elizabeth and Viv together. This means its twice as fun and we can cope well with students of very different abilities.

The beginners class now runs from 7.00pm to 9.00 on Mondays.

If you want to join our classes please contact us.  We have a waiting list for the new term in September, and have sadly asked existing students to forego their places to let newcomers join.  We are exploring ways to support ex-students to help them stay involved in the local harp community.

Venue: Allesely Park Community Centre, 199 Winsford Avenue, CV5 9NG

Course fees: Each term lasts 10 weeks and costs £80, to be paid at the beginning. This includes a highly subsidised rate for harp hire, as well as tutors fees, room hire etc.

Harp Hire

We have adopted a new scheme for harp hire. Our harps are made available to those attending the evening class, so they can practice and learn at their own pace between lessons. When the classes are running the course fee will include a nominal amount towards hire costs.

Between classes, learners will be able to hire a harp for the period up to the next course, calculated at £5 per week (based on the Clarsach Society’s hire rate).

As always, hired harps must be available for occasional community events.

Bulkington harp group

It is wonderful, that faced with the end of the council organised classes several years ago, the students chose to set up their own harp group to keep the momentum.

Harp Group
Bulkington Village Centre
CV12 9JB

2nd Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.

For more information please telephone 02476 315805 or