Some of our friends on the net

Nearby Harpists, teachers and do-ers.

In the past few years this area has been transformed from a near-desert of high quality harpists, particularly those able to offer tuition for children.

Robin Ward Robin is an internationally respected player, with a rare expertise in the baroque triple harp.  He runs activities in Birmingham including concerts, individual tuition and group workshops.  He also builds harps ranging from ‘conventional’ levered designs to historically inspired double- and triple-strung harps.
Fran Barsby – Poppy Harp Fran has recently set up Poppy Harp in Warwick, leading groups and offering tuition.  She’s also a rep for Pilgrim Harps, the only large scale English harp maker.  She is organising free “have-a-go” events and concerts – find out more at
Jasmin Earnshaw-Brown – Qi-music We haven’t had any direct contact with Jasmin’s work based in Stratford, but it’s clear from her website she is busy making good harpy things happen.
Nicky Grant Nicky is a respected viola player and great folk musician who has joined the ranks of harpists.  She is based in Hinkley and can be contacted for beginner’s lessons via

Some of our friends on the net

The Clarsach Society The national body supporting the Celtic harp – join this if you want to learn the harp! They also run the Edinburgh International Harp Festival.
Heart of England Community Foundation Funders who make great things happen in Coventry and Warwickshire
Awards for All Lottery Funds made easy for small community projects
Arts Council of England The sort of people who should be funding projects like this!
Music Traditions Sprawling site full of wonders connected to all things traditional, and some intriguing photos of the harp as a folk instrument (this link).

A few harp dealers who also have music, strings and advice on offer

Pilgrim Harps Harp makers and suppliers of strings, music and expertese
Morley Harps Harp importers, including the “Ravenna” harps used in the Harp Centre. Also strings, music etc.
Vining Harps Importers of Camac Harps and all-round stars
Teifi Harps Welsh makers of excellent lever harps, also hire instruments
The Little Welsh Shop A new venture by harpist Helen Naylor based in Derbyshire
Featherwood Instruments Harps for beginners using cardboard soundboxes. Made by harper Steph West
Tim Hampson Harps Maker with a strong reputation, including triple and double harps

Some harpists who have been involved in Small Harps projects (there are plenty more out there!)

Robin Huw Bowen Our patron and master of the Welsh Triple Harp
Catriona McKay Pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a harp!
Corrina Hewat A massive force for innovation in the harping scene – both in her music making and her organising bands, events etc
Jenny Crook One of few English harpists on a par with the best in Scotland and Ireland
Diego Laverde The Columbian harp – impossible not to dance to
Mark Harmer Great Harpist and lovely fellow all round
Steph West Oxford based harper and teacher who has been a great source of support and inspiration, and has a growing reputation.